What We Offer


Linking Deaf and Hard of Hearing people with the community through communication, advocacy, leadership and socialization.

A Tradition of Excellence

Deaf Community Advocacy Network – DEAF C.A.N.! is a non-profit Organization established in 1981 to provide services to the thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people living in our area. DEAF C.A.N.! offers direct client services to individuals and families, as well as community education and information for professional groups. DEAF C.A.N.! provides a full array of services to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing communities in southeastern Michigan. DEAF C.A.N.! is partially supported by generous donations from individuals, community organizations, corporations and foundations.


For Deaf and Hard of Hearing people the sign advocacy gives the connotation of something strong and powerful. We strive to teach clients problem solving techniques and how to advocate for themselves.

Direct Service

Casework/Case management for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through the removal of barriers to service. Approximately 100 Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals a month come into the DEAF C.A.N.! office to receive assistance on a variety of issues and concerns. DEAF C.A.N.! is the only agency in Oakland county where a Deaf individual can receive casework assistance from full-time staff fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Here, clients can discuss any matter in their native language. Examples of direct service include help with completing a welfare form, figuring out a budget, or obtaining low-income housing. For additional information contact Susan Lundy or Brenda Neubeck.

Interpreter Referral and Interpreting Services

DEAF C.A.N.! contracts with over 50 state or nationally certified Interpreters. An Interpreter is one of the ways a Deaf individual can effectively communicate with a hearing person. Our Interpreters work in the courtroom, schools, on the job, in training seminars, and in doctor's offices and hospitals just to name a few. For additional information please contact our Carol Jensen. For more information and to download the Interpreter Referral form.

Hard of Hearing Support Services

Working closely with the Hearing Loss Association of Michigan, we provide resource information on hearing loss issues, perform resident and workplace assessments for individuals with hearing loss and provide hearing assistance technology demonstrations. For additional information please contact Brenda Neubeck. More information on Hard of Hearing Support Services.

DEAF C.A.N.! News

DEAF C.A.N.! has a monthly newsletter which lists a variety of programs and events in the community.


Learning, Educating, and Parenting works with Deaf parents LEAP and is designed for hearing children with Deaf or Hard of Hearing parents. The goal of the program is to facilitate the development of spoken language and American Sign Language. Utilizing Deaf staff and Sign Language Interpreters, children have an opportunity to see American Sign Language and hear spoken English. Simultaneously, their Deaf parents have the opportunity to develop parenting skills and learn how to be more effective parents. For more information please contact Susan Lundy.

Programs and Workshops

Relevant workshops on a variety of topics including health that is of interest to the community.

Deaf HEAL & Shield
Our programs provide support to individuals in need of information so they don't have to navigate the complex medical and legal systems alone. For additional information contact Susan Lundy or Brenda Neubeck.

The Deaf AIDS Program

Casework/Case management services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people infected or affected with HIV.

Detroit Public Schools Interpreting Contract

Deaf Community Advocacy Network is honored to provide Sign Language Interpreting services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students attending Detroit Public Schools. If you are interested in joining our excellent Interpreter Team, please contact our program manager, Mr. Henry Lowe, at dps@deafcan.org. Requirements: A willingness to make a difference in the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, State/National Certification, EIPA of 3.5 or above and successful registration with the State of Michigan, DODHH.

If you are already a DC!-DPS I-Team Member and are in need of certain forms, please see below:

DPS Welcome Letter
DPS Drug Free Policy
DPS Interpreter Weekly Time Sheet
DPS Special Assignment Time Sheet
DPS Fingerprinting Information